Rapidshare phishing for Noobz

All you have to do is this:

1) Download This Phisher:


2) Register at Free Web Hosting:
Upload Files in File Manager.

3) After Uploading Click on "Create_Links"

4) Keep Folder Space Empty.
1st File ID: 102240874 (You can put anything you like)
1st File Name: House_of_the_Dead_3.part1.rar (You can put anything you like)
1st Size: 99614 (Put any thing you like)
1st Server ID: rs245 (Put any thing you like)

5) Click on Create Links

6) After Creating The Links You Will Get Something Like this:

7)Now you are done.That is your Phisher link which you got something like this:

8)You just have to "Edit" in your Phisher link Like this
i] Besides fileid= 99614 or similar to this what ever size you

want to show to your victim

ii] In File Name= Put The Name of Game Software Movies or anything you want to phiz for like this:  House_of_the_Dead_3.part1.rar

iii]In server id= Put rs254 or anything. But remember there should be rs(something)

iv]In size= Put the Size of the Game Software Movies whatever your making put proper size like 104001 or something like that.

v]Finally after Bracket you will see like this 

Just In that put your Original Link which is working like this

9)Now make as much as links you want to make.But remember all that are fake links which will not work but you will surely get the accounts.

10)I have made my links to show you Demo:

This how you should make your links post in Traffic Sites.

ENJOY Mates- Rishabh


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