Action Online Games



1.A Blast --Try to shoot the enemy with your ship. This game is a classic.

2.Bumper Boats--Bump and smash into you opponent in this crazy water ride.

3.Flyeat--Try to eat some flies.

4.Helicopter--This is a very addicting game! You must fly a helicopter under and over little blocks. If you hit the blocks or the ground you lose.

5.Ms Paper Clip--Try to kill the paperclip from microsoft word.

6. Penguin Arcade--Have you ever wanted to shoot a penguin? Well, here is your chance to shoot ice cubes at penguins.

7.Santa Shooter--Santa's elves have staged a revolt. Keep the little men down and beat them with snowballs.

8.Goblin House--Its halloween and the spooks are out! Throw pumpkins to keep the ghoulish horde at bay.

9.Boss Monster --The bossmonster has decided to take matters into its own hands. Help bossmonster to destroy those pesky humans!

10.Kumite--Fight the computer in this one on one fighting game and make your way to the top.

11.Bushido Fighters--An awesome fighting game where you fight the computer opponents. Six different characters to choose from.

12.The Power Puff Girls: Fast and Flurrious--Pick different power puff girls to ride on snowboards down a huge mountain.

13.Samurai Jack Path Game--Fight off Samurai Jack's enemies and gain points.(Please Download Shockwave Player to play this game.Download it from here)

14.Xiao Xiao 4--This may be one of the coolest and most popular flash games ever! In this cool first person shooter, you get to shoot up your enemies.!

15.War On Terrorism I--In four different levels you get to kill terrorists. This is a very fun shhot-em-up game.

16.War on Terrorism 2--Thi is a sequal to the one above. Very fun. You get to kill terrorists in about 4 levels. You also get to choose people to fight with.

17.Super Fighter--Play as Jackie Chan and fight bad guys. Also has different backgrounds.

18.Matrix--Play as either Neo or Trinity from the Matrix in this fun shoot-em-up game! Choose from three different weapons to fight off the 78 bad guys in a lobby scene.(Please Download Shockwave Player to play this game.Download it from here)

19.Quick Draw--Shoot up Buster at a the bar. Try to get the highest score!

20.Jar Jar--Do you remember Jar Jar from Star Wars. In this game you get to shoot him up.

21.Suicide Bomber--Run around as a terrorist with a bomb strapped to you and see how many people you can blow up at once.


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