How to hack websites using Auto SQL I Helper V.2.7 With images

I have been asked lately to write a tutorial on how to use
"SQL I Helper V.2.7" tool.At the beggining "SQLIHelperV.2.7" is a tool that will hack vulnarable websites using SQL injection. You don't have to spend hours and hours trying to find your way in a website and trying hundreds of combinations and codes to hack a website.
This tool will do it all by itself. You only have to tell her what do and where to look.
You can download it from here:

Lets start.
first you need to find the potential website that you think it might be possible to hack it. Remember that some websites are simply unhackable.After you find your website ( better to end with "article.php?id=[number]" ) example: "http://encycl.anthro...rticle.php?id=1"I will explain my tut on how to hack this website.
Check if your website can be hacked by trying to go this address
notice the ' before the number 1. 

You should get this message:Query failedYou have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '\'1 ORDER BY lastname' at line 1 SELECT * FROM person_old WHERE id=\'1 ORDER BY lastname
This mean that this website can be hacked because you get an error.
Now open your SQL I Helper V.2.7 and write the link :


and press the "inject" button.Now you should wait until the tool finish searching for columns . Time may vary depending on your connection speed , your pc speed , and the number of columns in the website.So now you should have this:

Then select "Get database" and you get this:

 Now select any element from the "database name" box and press the "Get tables" button , I will select "anthropo_encycl

Then select any element from the "table name" box and press the "Get columns" button , I will select "user":

Then select any elements you want from the "columns name" box and press "Dump Now" , i will select "usr_login" and "usr_pass"

After clicking "Dump Now" , you should see this new window

Now copy the hash on a peace of paper and go to this website:

enter the hash and press the button "Crack that hash baby!" and you should get the source of the hash.
username: admin

pass: 123

Tooks me some time discovering the tool and preparing this tutorial!!!!


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