Magic Password Stealer

Simple to use but remember it contains a virus so use it at your own risk

To hack you need to make virus & then give it to your victim

Other way to hack others id is spread it on each site & enjoy.

Currently, Magic PS 1.5 SE++ is the newest threat for stealing passwords from Yahoo! Messenger. If anyone know of a newer version or newer threat that steals YM! password, then please keep me posted. Currently Norton Antivirus 2005 and maybe 2004 can detect and kill this threat but you must do it in Window's Safe Mode. I'm quite surprised that Webroot's SpySweeper totally miss this dangerous software. Please share your ideas, and software that can eliminates this threats so anyone can go here and download the right software to kill it. I do know every single way to kill it manually, but it will be a huge guide to write up because the software can be customized, so there's no one-way to kill it. Included is a picture of what the Magic PS 1.5 SE++ main menu looks like.

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