MySpace Password Cracker

-Smart Password's : This actually grabs text strings off the specified users myspace and add's char's & numbers to it (ie: blue, would then turn into blue,blue1,blue2,blue202 etc)
-Finder: This will grab as many users as you want through the myspace search function. I usually grab about 10k then load it into cracker.
-MultiSocket : This program can load up to 150 sockets, any more than that is unstable unless launched off a vpn/s.
- Quick View Function: Allows you to check out the profile real quick.
- UserID & Username Cracking: No email's needed to crack accounts, if you want to crack "Tom" (Tom Anderson the founder of myspace) all you would do is load "Tom" into the username cracker. No one believed me when I said you CAN crack myspace's without knowing the email... well in your fucking eye -- eat shit now!Programed in VB6 for Windows XP & Vista 32bit ONLY, With 20 sockets I usually get over 2000 tries per minute.. NO SKIPS!This is the software which cracks myspace & gives us ID Pass for getting it do the following:

1. Go to Finder & then select the things which you want like 100 miles, Male Female or Either

2. Then Select Ages which you want like 18 - 40 or anything you want

3. Click on begin search. It will find usernames

4. Lastly Click on Return & then click on "Start Cracking".

Click On Download Button to Download

Enjoy Mates Found this wonderfull software.


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