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NOTE: If you dont already have flash, you will need to download it to play these games. (click here to download it)


1.Air Hockey --Play a game of air hockey.

2.Crab Volleyball--Play volleyball with another crab. Bounce the ball off the walls, but dont let it touch the ground or you will lose points.

3.Dodge Ball--Play a game of Dodge Ball.

4.Fishin--Try to catch some fish from inside a small boat, but dont get struck by lightening.

5.Kickups--Try to kick a soccer ball up in the air as many time as you can without letting it touch the ground.

6.Miniputt--Want to play some golf? In this game you must hit the golf ball into the hole.

7.Miniputt 2--The sequal to miniputt 1. Same idea as other game; hit the golf ball into the hole.

8.Ping Pong--Play some ping pong.



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